Hang Gliding and Paragliding
in the
Ouachita Mountains of Arkansas and Oklahoma!

Arkansas and Oklahoma Hang Gliding and Paragliding Records

Oklahoma and Arkansas state Records for foot launch Hang Gliding has been tracked for years.  Last year, Paragliders were added to the wings that would be tracked. 

The sites that have been tracked for record flights are Mt. Magazine, Mt. Nebo, Jasper, Short Mt., Pipeline, Buffalo Mt. Panorama Vista, Heavener, Little Yancy, Cavanal, and Secret Site. 
This Summer of 2008 we are now adding the tracking of Towing Records for Arkansas and Oklahoma. 
(Tow records must be from a 2000 ft. AGL or less to be valid for tracking)  Motorized launch will also fall under the “Tow” classification. 

Also expanded is the tasks that will be tracked for records.  Now up for record efforts are Cross Country, Out and Return, Maximum Altitude, Endurance, and Triangle. 

The Arklahoma HG/PG Records are now utilizing the Google Documents for maintenance of those records.  This will make it easier for updates. 

Flight must have followed all FAA Regulations. 
No flying through restricted airspace illegally, and no IFR flights, no flights after dark.


Submit Updates and Records to Roy Mahoney at  RRMAHO57@gmail.com.


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